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Please note that when you install our Windows-based programs you should be logged in as a standard user and not as an Administrator.

The latest version numbers of our production software.

  • Docutrak (Document retrieval)
  • Loadmaster™ (TMS)
  • Mailman (Mailing list manager) 3.5
  • Parcel Customer Implant 1.08
  • Sameday Express™ (Sameday/Courier) 2.78
  • Logistics Manager (Hybrid Windows/Mac/Android) 1.2
  • TPN Depot Legacy 3.01x
  • TPN Invoicing 3.78
  • TPN SOAP WEB 3.05
  • TPN Lite 4.6q
  • TPN Dynamic Import
  • TPN Link
  • TPN UK POD Viewer
  • ZiPSYS 32.9
  • Business Post/UK Mail/DHL Implant
  • CitiMail 1.2
  • Claimtrak 1.3

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