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This site is provided solely for use by our customers and prospective customers.

Owing to sustained internet hacking attempts we no longer provide databases of information here, nor do we supply links to payment carts etc. We do not store any personal information of any type that could potentially be accessible to a third party via this site.

All web sites suffer from these increasing attacks. These hacking attempts mainly originate in Russia and China and we are far from being a major target. It is sad that all websites will be subject to the same attempted intrusions and some will not be as secure with your information. You only get to hear about it when it becomes national news.

If you see anything on this website that is wrong or misleading then please contact us so that it can be corrected.

ZiPZAP Computers Limited supports the 
responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities. If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability in any ZiPZAP software, we ask that this first be reported to to allow time for vulnerabilities to be fixed before details are published.
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