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This is a repository of useful information relating to all our products. Help, quirks and answers to questions are all here. This is now on a secure SSL link.

A Simple Machines Forum hosted on a SNUNMU mini PC running Linux Mint, Apache 2, MariaDB and PHP with 32GB of local storage. The Bulletin Board provides us with an area for help, comments and ideas.


And to really impress, we have a 'live' fallback system running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W which is running SMF on Raspian, Apache 2, MariaDB and PHP on a different IP address.

No bad language, misuse or spamming allowed.

Guest access as standard but logins for the use of registered customers only - owing to a sustained attempt to flood it by up to 6000 scammers and time wasters per day, mainly from Russia and China.

Our largest number of simultaneous users so far - 231

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